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To Cone or Not to Cone


To Cone or Not to Cone?

Food Cones Reduce Waste & Improve Presentation

Photo by @carlymarieevents

Millions of Americans make their way through buffet lines every year. Whether that buffet is at a large-scale restaurant or a line at an intimate wedding venue, buffets are lucrative and everywhere. There are many benefits to a buffet food service, however there are challenges. Oftentimes patrons take more food than they need which results in food waste. Because caterers and restaurants rely on guests to serve themselves there is a possibility of cross contamination from both food and human contact.

To address these challenges, Pick On Us developed Tasting Cones. Tasting Cones enable chefs to pre-portion which results in less food waste. Pick On Us’ simple and elegant cones come in both bamboo and wood and in varying sizes from 5” to 7.”

Photo by @parkavenuecatering

The team at Pick On Us found that chefs at major Las Vegas buffets – including the Aria and Mirage – liked how easily the cones held what could typically be considered “less exciting” sides. The cones take up space on a plate which results in taking less food to fill a plate. There’s also the occasion when guests accidentally throw away plates and utensils. Integrating single use cones reduces the loss of non-disposable small wares. A small investment in cones saves on food costs because less food is wasted.

Photo by @sitk_catering

In addition to being eco-friendly and disposable serving dishes, cones add a visual pop and a unique presentation. When incorporating cones into a food display the entire visual looks fuller, fresher and more delicious. And, they’re fun! Anytime guests can interact with dishes it elevates the overall experience.

So, the answer is: to cone! Pick On Us Tasting Cones help reduce waste and elegantly enhance your food display!

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