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The Pick - Vol. 7 - We are heading to the National Restaurant Show!


The Pick Vol. 006

Q and A

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Q: "Stick it!" What’s that about?

A: It’s our booth theme for the NRA show this year.

Q: Do you mean the National Restaurant Show?

A: Yes, The National Restaurant Association (NRA)… Not the other NRA associated with Charlton Heston.

Q: Thanks for clarifying. Will you be shooting off any new ideas at the "NRA” show?

A: We will, we have a new booth design to help share key findings that will drive more business for our clients.

Q: What's that?

A: Well, it’s based on the stories of how we’re helping clients create unique and memorable experiences for their guests and then be recognized for it in social media.

Q: Cool! How does your new booth design share those stories?

A: It all starts with a display graphic created by our client, Tap 42. Images like these are getting crazy amounts of likes, tags, and shares, and are helping drive repeat and new guests.

Q: So when is the show?

A: May 20-23, at McCormick Center in Chicago, we are in booth #7266.

Q: Do you have any more pictures of Aaron’s Baby - Vivian?

A: Ok, since you asked so nicely, here are two more. 

New display graphic created by Tap 42, Ft Lauderdale, FL

Aaron with Rick at WS Displays. WS has a giant 25ft laser fabric cutter... Did we mention we love lasers? Rick was a huge help. Thanks Rick!

Vivian, nailbiting excited about the new booth, and strapped in for the ride.


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