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The Pick - Vol. 15 - National Self-Improvement Month - Say What!?


Issue 015

National Self Improvement Month - Say What!?

Q and


Pick On Us

Q: Did you even know that September is National Self-Improvement Month?
A:In all honesty, no, we didn’t know. But, since we just found this out, and since there is a “national day” for everything under sun, we figure why not dive in.

Q:How is the Pick On Us team participating in this month long “national” self-improvement event?
A: Getting a bit better every day is one of our core values. And below we are sharing 4 easy ways to take on self improvement.

Q: Is that it?
A: Wow, tuff crowd… we also took some silly pictures in our gym to raise awareness.

Q: Is there a National Toothpick Day?
A: Not that we know of, but we like where you are going with this...! Here are four ways to take on self-improvement for a happier and healthier life.

1. Self-Positivity
Check in with how you feel and be kind to yourself. Take this month to choose the brighter side of things. Having a positive outlook on yourself will give you a positive outlook on your entire world.

2. Physical
What is your body telling you? Take this month to deal with what has been hurting you or bothering you in regards to your body. Visit a doctor if you have been meaning to. Take more walks, take the stairs. Give your body the boost it needs.

3. "Me" Time
Whatever this means to you, try tuning in with who you are by reading more, listening more, and using more time to clear your mind. Take up a hobby that you have always wanted to try or travel somewhere your wanderlust has been guiding you.

4. Social

Use this month as an excuse to reach out to old friends or spend more time with loved ones. Do something extra thoughtful this month to show how much you love and care for the people in your life.

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