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Fresh Ideas for your next Spring Event!


Fresh Ideas for your next Spring Event

Today marks the first day of spring! The new season means Easter dinners, spring bridal showers, mid-May baby showers, and of course, the much awaited warmer weather! Whether your clients are asking for spring inspired brunches or a traditional Easter dinner, you’ll want to be ready with a few new ideas that will make your guests remember more than just the occasion they are celebrating.

To be  Remembered, Get Personal

The delivery of curated, personalized experiences are the focus of all major brands today. From custom made aprons, to designing your own pair of epic tennis shoes, to making the perfect poke bowl with just the right ingredients for you, today’s consumer loves a tailor made experience. The guest feels a part of the experience, behind the scenes with the creator, and as though they may even learn something. What’s more, the guest feels attended to.

In 2018, hosts are looking to incorporate this concept into their events both large and small, from the dinner parties they throw to the charity events they chair. What could this look like for your next event?

Give Cocktail Hour a Health(ier) Spin

Being health conscious now appears to be a trend that is lasting longer than the January resolutions. People everywhere are making a move towards healthier ingredients even in their cocktails. Start your party with a spring inspired beverage station, featuring fresh squeezed juices and seasonal ingredients that allow the guest to celebrate with something both healthy and fun-filled. Adorn your healthy-ish cocktail with a colorful and creative garnish and you’ll immediately give your guests something to talk about. Small talk will turn into comparing cocktails, garnishes, and juice concoctions- making for fun conversation and a memorable start to their evening. 

Photo Courtesy of @CoupleofBartenders 

Old Favorites, Packaged Differently

When thinking creatively about passed hors d’oeuvres and cocktail hour, our Chef community likes to offer old favorites, presented in new and different ways. Perhaps try using fun and creative serving vessels such as jars, for small salad servings. Or even small bamboo cups for a bite of delicious crab cakes and a bamboo fork as the utensil.

Photo courtesy of @opentableboise 

What’s more, people never tire of old childhood favorite foods such as these Burgers and milkshakes, made in single sip and single bite servings of course. They’ll want to save room for dessert!

Photo courtesy of @morichescaterers

Food Stations, Re-Invented

One trend that we see continuing to gain momentum is the ongoing demand for farm to table, organic and sustainably grown, local ingredients. So, instead of offering a traditional carving station or a plated meat dish, consider a fresh home-made pasta station where the guests can choose from a selection of homemade pastas cooked fresh while they wait and topped with one of a few fresh, farm to table inspired sauces. And to start, a new take on the traditional charcuterie platter is a mozzarella bar with fresh made cheeses, sauces, and organic greens accompanied with fresh made breads.

Finally, the ultimate in the food station trend, which needs no write up is the infamous dessert wall. Creative caterers have taken the dessert buffet vertical and are giving their hosts thoughtful (and in this case pun-y) self service stations with everything from donuts to pretzels to even macaroons. What’s so fun about these is the way the dessert wall can be designed with the event theme’s colors and messaging in mind, making for a fun focal point and back drop for the standard dessert table. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love any excuse to enjoy a donut at the end (or at the beginning) of a fun night! 

Photo courtesy of @wilkieblog 


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