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Don’t Come Up Short this Spring


Accuracy + Organization = Efficiency

Caffeine-fueled days are upon us. With the flurry of showers, weddings, graduations and summer parties, we are laser-focused on presentation details and delivering a delectable experience. It’s not surprising when we open a drawer or cabinet and realize we’ve come up short on supplies.

As Benjamin Franklin brilliantly said, “For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned.” We couldn’t agree more. Inspired by Mr. Franklin, we have crafted the following tips to improve order accuracy and maintain organization in the kitchen.

Bulls-Eye Accuracy

We created this nifty guide for helping you nail down your order quantities for your next event!

Now that you know how many different types of dishes you will serve, you’ll want to choose a few different serve-ware options to enhance the presentation and guest experience. We suggest choosing different vehicles for serving, such as decorative picks for sliders, bamboo food cups for crab cakes, reusable bamboo tasting spoons for smoked salmon bites, and bamboo food cones for sweet potato fries.  

Get with the Times

Leverage technology to streamline the ordering process. Follow a user friendly app such as ChefSheet to create a monthly inventory tracking system. This system is designed to provide a snap shot of all supplies on hand. Update the tracker regularly and set reminders when supplies are running low. When ordering for an event, ideally, we recommend ordering at least 4-6 weeks before the scheduled event.

It’s all in the Details

Now, you can have all the supplies in the world, but if they’re not organized in an accessible way, details get missed, time is wasted and you could be caught off guard without all the necessary supplies.

Pick On Us has partnered with organizational expert Amanda Titchenal (Organize with Amanda) to share her top tips for staying organized. Titchenal’s tips also include:

  • ORGANIZE – Organize picks in stackable pull-out drawers. This allows for ease of use because they are stackable and simply pull out. That way you aren’t constantly unstacking bins or boxes to find the picks you need.
  • LABEL – Labeling your stacking drawers is important for inventory control and also for quick retrieval. Use a dry erase label or dry erase tape so you’re able to continually update and track the quantity in each drawer. When you load up the drawer write down the quantity and when picks are removed or added, update the quantity remaining on the label. (Don’t forget to update your inventory tracker as well). Putting a picture of each pick on the outside of the drawer, or hot glue the actual pick to the drawer helps to easily identify what’s inside!
  • STACK – Stack the drawers according to type of pick, size of pick, or theme. This way you know exactly where to look when searching for the perfect pick!

“Don’t waste time looking for the perfect pick,” said Titchenal. “Take the time to place your picks in an organized system. This will help create an efficient working environment when you prep for an event.“

And, if after all this information, if you still come up short on supplies, we have you covered. Pick On Us offers same day shopping if you submit an order by 2 PM PT. Oftentimes you will receive an order within a few days for last minute needs.

We hope these tips keep you on track all season long! For more information about our products and services please visit www.pickonus.com.

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