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9 Alternative Uses for Skewers Around the House

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Wooden skewers are something most of us have around the house. Whether it is for making perfectly seasoned kebabs on the grill, or putting together an elegant fruit and vegetable arrangement, skewers are a kitchen staple. Although primarily used for cooking applications, these highly versatile tools have a wide range of possible uses. Whether you want to put the finishing details on your latest craft or use for a fondue, skewers can help. Here are X different uses for skewers around the house.

Check for Doneness

Although people mainly use toothpicks to check if a food item is done, skewers are often a better choice because they are much sturdier. Wooden skewers are perfect for checking the doneness of baked goods and other food items when you don't want to get too close to the heat source.

Hold Things

Wooden skewers are the perfect tool to help you achieve a perfectly toasted marshmallow over a campfire. These are also perfect for holding craft items in place while you paint or decorate them, or to keep these components still while they dry.

Poke Holes

Make use of the pointed end of a skewer by using it to poke holes for you next craft. Skewers are great for poking holes in different materials for beading as all of the holes will be the same size for easy stringing.

Make a Bouquet

Try making a customized bouquet by slipping various fruits or cake balls on skewers. You can also create an inedible bouquet out of other items, such as buttons, ribbon or felt. This is sure to impress!

Grab Food

Wooden skewers can also be used to extract food items and other items that are susceptible to burning, such as bits of food on the bottom of the stove or toaster. Be sure to unplug the device first, though.

Perfect Measurements

Baking requires every ingredient to be perfectly measured for the best final product. Wooden skewers can be used to help you level flour or sugar measurements next time you are baking.

Craft Applications

Pick up some small glass mirrors and attach them to skewers of varying lengths to create a beautiful starburst mirror focal point. Skewers are also great for making a DIY kite.

Decorate Cupcakes

Cut skewers into smaller pieces and decorate them with pipe cleaners, edible frosting or strips of paper with names or quotes. This is a great way to personalize cupcakes for a birthday or other special occasion.

Create Plant Markers

Liven up your garden by adding plant markers made from skewers. You can also attach a tag to the marker indicating the type of vegetable you are planting and the day you expect it to be ready to harvest.

These are only a few ways to use these versatile, cost efficient kitchen tools. You are sure to love all of these different applications for skewers. 

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