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The Pick - Vol. 8 - There's No Place Like Home!


Issue No. 008

Q and A

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Pick On Us

Q: I hear the Pick Team has been getting around?

A: Yes, we’ve had a full spring schedule, working one-on-one with clients and attending trade shows.

Q: Where has the team been?
A: Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Montreal, New Orleans, Ft. Lauderdale, Las Vegas and Los Angeles to name a few.

Q: Wow! That's a lot of travel and client interaction. What themes are you picking up?
A: The first theme, (which we already knew) is that everyone loves Lynda, our customer service superstar. The second theme is that people are really excited about what customizing a product does to enhance their guest's experience.

Q: Are you helping clients do that?
A: Yes, we are now customizing picks, skewers, plates, boxes, trays and toothpick packets.

Q: Where are you off to next?
A: We are all staying home for the next few weeks. We’ve got babies to cuddle, spouses to squeeze, puppies to luv on, and beds that missed us.

Q: Welcome Home!
A: Thanks, it’s great to get out, and it's great to be back

Lynda - Customer Service Superstar

Kelly in New Orleans with Chef Randy from Hotel Monteleone

David in Las Vegas at the Food Expo

Aaron in Chicago setting the booth floor for the NRA Show

NRA Show Chicago

Biggie - Kelly's Pup

Deli & Bakery - Anaheim, CA

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