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The Pick - Vol. 6 - Meet the team behind Pick On Us


The Pick Vol. 006

Q and A 

- with -


Q: Are you picking on me?
A: Nope

Q: What’s The PICK then?
A: It’s a quick highlight of what’s going on at Pick On Us. Things you might find cool, relevant, or useful.

Q: Oh, why not send a newsletter?
A: You probably don’t have time to read a newsletter.

Q: Good point. Why are you sending this now?
A: Well, a lot has changed since Francine started selling toothpicks out of her garage 30 years ago.

Q: Really?
A: Yeah! We now have over 300 items, a team of dedicated professionals, and a warehouse complete with forklifts and lasers.

Q: Cool, so it’s not robots packing my order and I can speak with someone when I need to?
A: Yes. Below are the faces of real people who really care about getting your order out right, and on time.

Q: Nice! Is that all?
A: That’s all for this week. Short and sweet like Aaron’s new baby. Thanks for reading.


Lynda - Professional People Pleaser (Customer Service)

Alex - Pack it Stack it (Warehouse)

Michael - Smoke and Mirrors (Custom Art Dept)

Jose - No Pick Left Behind (Shipping)

Marina - Online Allstar (eCommerce)

Verl - Laser, Lights, Long Nights (Custom Picks)

David - Hustler (Las Vegas Sales)

Kelly - Keep'n It Golden (National Sales)

Jason - It's Great, Let's Make It Better (CEO)

Aaron - Peace Keeper/Rookie Dad (President)

Vivian - Aaron's New Baby!

Warehouse Selfie, Looking Good!

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