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The Pick - Vol. 13 - Tag you're it! - #youareit


Issue 013

Tag you're it! Or should we say #youareit

Q and A

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Pick On Us

Q: It’s been decades since most of us played a competitive game of tag. What makes you bring this up now?

A: Thanks to smartphones, the tag game we enjoyed so much as kids is now being played out hourly on social media.

Q: Really?
A: Yes, nowadays your guests are taking pictures of their food and showing their friends what they are eating, who they’re with, and where they are. They do it by adding (hash tag) #YourBusinessName to their social post.

Q: Why is this important?

A: Pictures of food are more likely to be “Liked” and "Shared" on social media. This cultural shift in the game of tag can generate tons of free advertising which you can directly harness to impact your business.

Q: How’s that?
A: Enhance your food and cocktail presentation to create an outstanding guest experience. People share what they love- and what they are upset about. Social media is powerful word-of-mouth advertising coveted by all businesses.

Q: What suggestions do you have to enhance our guest experience, and get tagged on social media?

A: Our clients can answer this question best with the amazing examples below that are getting them liked, shared, and tagged on social media….

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