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The Pick - Vol. 11 - Rise & Shine


Issue 011

Rise & Shine

Q and A

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Pick On Us

Q: What gets the Pick On Us team going in the morning?

A: Whether it's a cup of joe from the lobby's new Keurig or a smoothie brought from home, we all kickoff the morning by joining in the same routine.

Q: What's your routine?
A: Every morning at 9am, all departments huddle up and review our key matrix numbers from the previous day. We cover current issues and opportunities and end the huddle with a sun salutation.

Q: A sun salutation? What's that?

A: It's a yoga stretch.

Q: How did that start?
A: A few years back we noticed that we were really good at getting our work done, but really bad at taking breaks and stopping for lunch. We were forming unhealthy work habits.

Q: So what did you do about it?
A: We decided to pick a weekly physical activity that would require us to leave our work stations. Lynda suggested we try a sun salutation... -it felt so good that we have been doing one everyday since. It's been over 4 years now.

Q: How long does it take to do a sun salutation?
A: About 2.5 minutes.

Q: Who leads it?
A: Each week a new team member is in charge to lead the group for that entire week. We rotate based on where everyone likes to stand during our morning huddle.

Q: What if you have no yoga experience?
A: It doesn't require any expertise, new team members follow along and pick it up pretty quickly, we even have our interns lead it.

Q: Is it mandatory?

A: Of course not, but all the cool are doing it.

Sun salutation team stretch, a daily routine at POU...

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