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Plastic Straws Are Out; Our New Straws Are In


Plastic Straws Are Out; Our New Straws Are In 

Because global plastic pollution is at a staggering level, U.S. cities and major corporate brands have taken stances to ban plastic straws. To be a steward of our environment, Pick On Us has exhaustively researched and tested alternative materials to find eco-friendly solutions to plastic straws. We have evaluated paper, hay, bamboo, pasta, plant-based plastics, and more.

We are thrilled to announce that Pick On Us is now offering bamboo and paper straws. The quality, feel and look of both bamboo and paper allow us to offer our clients eco-friendly materials that are simple and sleek in design.

We have available (IN STOCK NOW)  our new paper straws in classic white regular (7.75”) unwrapped

Our new paper straws in classic black are available soon. (Taking Pre-Orders NOW). This always-stylish color provides our bar and restaurant clients with elegant and polished plastic alternatives. Classic black will be available in three styles: cocktail (5.75”)regular (7.75”)and individually paper-wrapped regular (7.75”), these straws are extra thick to last longer, not collapse or become soggy during use. 

Elegant in a beautiful, natural straw finish, thin bamboo shoots create the perfect material for our new Bamboo straws. Available soon in two styles(Taking Pre-Orders NOW ): cocktail (5.75”) and regular (7.75”), these straws are easy to clean, biodegradable and designed for multiple uses. Your guests can take them home to re-use. Consider placing a table tent card near the straws at events to educate guests about the eco-friendly material. Encourage guests to take the straws home to use again, and again. 

During our search to find substitutes for plastic straws, here are a few things we learned about other non-plastic offerings. 

Hay Straws – While natural and biodegradable, the material isn’t consistent and can leave an odd feeling in your mouth. These straws just break apart too easily for us. 

Pasta Straws – While these are a natural alternative, they can fall apart if you don’t use them quickly. Unfortunately, there isn’t a gluten-free option which poses too high of a risk for our clients with food allergies. 

Plant Based Straws – These straws are pretty solid and break down under proper composting conditions. However, many cities don’t have the infrastructure in place to collect and dispose of these straws properly. 

While we didn’t pursue hay, pasta or plant-based materials, we commend the companies who are working hard to provide a solution to plastics. We are proud to be an eco-friendly partner and offer our clients these cutting-edge plastic alternatives. 

Happy Sipping!

Email Us For Samples: info@pickonus.com

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