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Join Us for the Baja Build 2018!


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We're giving back,  we are inviting you to join Us!

What's the project?

Pick On Us will help to finance and build a home for a family in Mexico, this October.

Since POU is based in San Diego, we have greater awareness and exposure to the poverty on display in our border city, and we’ve decided as a company to do something about it.

Where will the house be built?

Vicente Guerrero, Baja California, Mexico lies about 6 hours south of our offices. It’s agriculture community that grows much of the produce we consume in the US.  The field workers in this community were brought in from indigenous communities in southern parts of Mexico. Their wages are low, and they have very few resources. Many families live on dirt floors covered by a small structure assembled from farm packing materials.  This extreme poverty makes it difficult for them to ever get ahead.


How will a house help?

Providing a home addresses the human need for shelter. Many of the families in these situations never get ahead because their goals are limited to daily survival. Planning for the future seems unattainable. By providing a home we actually break the cycle of poverty and enable the next generation to start saving for the future and to consider education as a means to financial stability.

How does Pick On Us do this?

We will partner with a local charity and build a home with a concrete floor, a door that locks, and a roof that does not leak, for one family. Pick On Us has supported this project since 2014, and built one home each October for the last four years. It takes a team of about 50 people to get this project done. Fundraising for the construction materials (cost of $5,000) is the biggest task. The actual assembly of the house is done over a 4-day weekend and requires about 10-15 people. Pick On Us team members have helped with both portions of this project.

How can I participate?

If you would like to join us on Oct 4th-7th and help build, please contact aaron.motola@pickonus.com

If you would like to help us with a contribution to the building materials fund, target is $5000, you can check our progress and donate here: http://www.active.com/donate/BajaBuild2018

Our POU President, Aaron Motola is participating in both the fundraising and the construction weekend.

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