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Is Your Next Event Eco-Friendly?



Is Your Next Event Eco-Friendly?


Everyone is talking about “eco-friendly events!” This buzzword is everywhere, especially in the world of catering and event planning, and it looks like it’s here to stay for the foreseeable future. With that said, we have noticed that we proudly tout being environmentally conscious, and we use these terms every day to describe our products. But recently we asked ourselves - what does that mean exactly? And why should you even care?

When we searched “eco-friendly events” there were over 5 million search results. Articles, research studies, and resources abound in how and why to throw an environmentally conscious event in 2018. It appears that hotels, caterers, and event planners have clients demanding eco-friendly or environmentally sensitive events now more than ever and that the future of our businesses depend on meeting those demands. According to a 2015 Global Study done by Nielsen.com, 72% of millennials are willing to spend more for products and services that “come from companies who are committed to positive social and environmental impact.” Furthermore, this growing generation of consumers are more loyal to, and therefore devote more market share to, brands that demonstrate a strong commitment to environmentally friendly practices. So, how can we meet the demand for sustainability and eco-friendly events?


Serve on products guests can feel good about tossing in the trash


Events, whether big or small, require a smattering of serve-ware options. Small tasting size hors d’oeuvres such as crab cakes or calamari can be pre-plated and easily distributed using individual bamboo food cups. Or larger, salads and sliders or sandwiches can be better served on larger palm leaf plates, making self-service not just possible but elegant at the same time.


These examples, all utilize eco-friendly serve-ware made of sustainably produced and 100% compostable and biodegradable agents. We take pride in distributing the Fallen Leaves dinnerware made by Verterra, the industry leader in BPI certified compostable and naturally biodegradable disposable serve-ware. Each and every piece is made from fallen palm leaves that would otherwise be burned and are instead steamed, heated, and pressed into new material for plates, cutlery, and other disposables. These products are then UV treated to meet cleanliness and food safety standards. And what’s more, when tossed, the plates return to the earth to benefit the growth of future plant life. Now that’s an eco-friendly solution we can all get behind!


Picks not Plastic



Remember those plastic toothpicks that look like swords? Or what about the ones with the colored plastic at the end? Or what about plastic cutlery? While we have all valued their convenience and usefulness, these materials also clutter the landfills with harsh plastic and chemicals that do not break down over time and remain in our landfills and in our oceans for decades. Instead, dress up your cocktails with creative garnishes on a decorative or simple bamboo pick, that is made from sustainable materials and is 100% biodegradable.



What’s more, make bite sized items easy to eat without using plastic by choosing a bamboo tasting fork or boat oar pick instead of plastic cutlery. Bamboo picks make eating fun and creative, while also benefitting our landfills and lessening our environmental impact.


And let’s be honest, the newest generation of young adults love nothing more than to talk about what they are eating (or drinking) and share it with the world. So when your food is incredible and the presentation is memorable, you’re going to get talked about. When you combine that with being environmentally conscious, then we can all feel good about the events we are throwing (and the free press is pretty cool too!).

Cheers to sustainable and eco-friendly events that wow your guests!

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