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Corporate Holiday Parties – Know Your Audience!


Corporate Holiday Parties – Know Your Audience!

Corporate holiday parties are a time of togetherness, bonding, celebrating and more. While you cannot change a company culture or force employees to attend – you can make a critical impact on one of the most important aspects of the party: the food. Guests may not remember décor, what they wore or the company gift, but they will absolutely recall the food. Make sure this is one of the most memorable holiday parties ever!

Before planning any food items, be sure you know your audience. Do these guests want light and easy food that can quickly be eaten? Or do these guests want to sit down and enjoy a filling and beautiful meal together? Are these guests accustomed to a wide variety of menu items that not only taste amazing but are gorgeously presented? Will alcohol be served or, mocktails only?

Once you have a handle on guests’ expectations, start planning a tailored holiday party menu. Here are a few ideas from Pick On Us:

It’s the Holidays After All 

If appropriate, weave in traditional holiday elements. From Snowman Picks to Holiday Drink Stirrers these are simple and fun ways to get guests into the holiday spirit.

Less Waste

A party doesn’t have to create substantial waste. Use eco-friendly products to minimize waste. Bamboo Serveware is beautiful and made from all natural bamboo material to ensure responsible disposal. Pick On Us has a line of dinnerware and bamboo boats. Stock your bar/cocktail stations with ecofriendly alternatives to plastic straws: Bamboo Straws. These straws are available in two styles: cocktail (5.75”) and regular (7.75”). Your guests can take these biodegradable, multiple-use straws home to re-use. Consider placing a table tent card near the straws at events to educate guests about the eco-friendly material.

Customization is King

Suggest a Custom Cocktail Pick with the company logo or other fun representation of their brand. These picks can also be used in food items. Guests will recognize the effort that went into the event and appreciation the thought while they enjoy a cocktail or delicious appetizer. Pick On Us will deliver custom picks in seven short days.

Happy planning, and picking!

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