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Best Practices for Successfully Entering into the Drop-Off Business


Pick On Us Q&A with Leading Chef 

Tips & Tricks to Capitalize on the Growth of the Drop-Off Catering Business

Given the tremendous growth of drop-off catering many chefs and caterers are looking to expand into the drop-off segment to increase their business offerings. Pick On Us partnered with leading Personal Chef Lisa Pucci Delgado to gain insights into how to successfully transition into the drop-off segment. Check out her tips and key learnings!

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Pick On Us: How would a chef or caterer expand into the drop-off business?
Pucci-Delgado: In order to conduct this service as a business, you will need to secure (rent or own) a licensed facility where you can prepare all drop-off meals.

Pick On Us: Why do you think the drop-off business is becoming more popular?
Pucci-Delgado: Drop-off is becoming more and more popular because so many people are busy and have less time for meal preparation. Privacy is paramount. Many clients don’t want “extra” people in their home – a solution to that is meal drop-off. Drop-off is also extremely convenient for the chef, it allows us to prepare meals at our own facility on our own timeline.

Pick On Us: Are there any services that are important to have to expand into drop-off?
Pucci-Delgado: The most important service to offer is consistency. As your business grows and your client roster increases, you must maintain consistency. If you are not consistent you will lose your clients. One consideration is to create a commissary where everything is prepared in bulk. Then drivers deliver drop-off items to the client to ensure the same experience time after time.

Pick On Us: Do you have any tips for chefs that are already offering drop-off service, but aren’t experiencing success with it?
Pucci-Delgado: If you're already doing this as a business and you aren’t finding success reflect back to when you first started in the drop-off category. Were clients hesitant because of your prices? Did pricing potentially hinder initial client sign ups? Have you offered cost-effective pricing to repeat clients? Also, evaluate your food quality and quantity. How are your portions? Are you using good quality of produce and meats? Last but not least, customer service is absolutely key. Be sure you are proactively communicating with your clients.

Pick On Us: Do you have any key learnings to share based on your experience?
Pucci-Delgado: I always give extra food if I make a new dish, so my client can taste it and experiment on their own with different flavors. Also, I don't perfectly portion everything. If anything, I over portion to offer my clients’ their money's worth so they feel satisfied.

We hope these tips help you navigate the drop-off business waters! For more information about our products and services please visit PickonUs.com.

For more information about Chef Lisa Pucci Delgado, check her out at Whatsfordinnerlpd.com.

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