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Pocket Toothpick Holder Options Abound

Pocket Toothpick Holder

If you are currently running a small business in the super competitive field of food service, you know how important it is to look for advertising advantages everywhere you can. One area that has proven to be remarkably successful is on toothpicks.

Having custom made pocket toothpick holder pouches made for your business can be a savvy new way to help brand your business in the local community. When most people grab a toothpick after they eat at a restaurant, they usually grab more than one, which means those extra toothpicks and those extra printed pouches get taken home and set on the kitchen counter or throughout the home. Most businesses would love to have that kind of residual advertising after a sale has been made, and now you can get that with pocket toothpick holder pouches that bear your companies name and logo for far less than you think. What a wonderful way to show a healthy attitude and presenting toothpicks with your advertising instead of Matches.

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Party Toothpicks Have Epic Potential

Now that you’ve got the holders all ready to go, it will be up to you to choose exactly what product you want to be inside. You could go with wood or plastic toothpicks, but those styles are often so run of the mill, you may end up wasting your money. The key here is to stand out from the crowd and demonstrate why your business deserves their attention. All natural party toothpicks made of bamboo offer a real alternative to the average toothpick. With all natural bamboo party toothpicks, you are offering a far superior experience that is 100 percent natural, biodegradable and eco-friendly.

Bamboo Toothpicks Are Environmentally Friendly

Pick On Us, Inc is your premiere bamboo toothpicks retailer that also prints custom holders for one great low price. When you need bamboo toothpicks and dozens of other all natural bamboo products sent right to your business and backed by the best customer service in the industry, contact Pick On Us, Inc.