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Bamboo Fruit Skewers are Eco-Friendly

Fruit Skewers

When most chefs think about presenting fruit platters to their customers, they aren’t too worried about color or shine. After all, fruit has plenty of color and sheen to it all on its own. If you are responsible for putting together fruit plates that will wow your customers, your chief concern is likely finding fruit skewers that are durable, resistant to moisture and are attractive to use. Bamboo fruit skewers not only meet all of those qualifications, they exceed them.

Bamboo is extremely light, which gives it an advantage over metal skewers, and it is also completely biodegradable and environmentally friendly, as well. All natural bamboo skewers are also beautiful and add exotic elegance to classic faire.

Luckily, there is one online wholesaler that can provide your business with cases of bamboo skewers for less than you think. Pick On Us, Inc is the leading wholesaler of all natural bamboo products for your kitchen.

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Chocolate Fountain Skewers For Less

One of the many reasons why people choose plastic or metal skewers instead of bamboo is the perception that bamboo skewers can’t hold up to the weight or pressure of some dense food products. The truth is that bamboo is the perfect material for chocolate fountain skewers just as it is for fruit. Bamboo skewers are available in many different sizes and thicknesses, so you won’t be stuck using a thin bamboo skewer when you have thick cut steak or other heavier products that you need to serve. Chocolate fountain skewers tend to be only slightly heavier than a skewer you would serve fruit on, but they are still light and very attractive. For the best deals anywhere on skewers, custom printed toothpicks and so much more, visit Pick On Us, Inc today!

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