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Flat Skewers

To say that the Internet has changed the way small businesses function would be a huge understatement. While it wasn’t unusual for a restaurant to order supplies from a well-known mega wholesaler on the other coast before the advent of the Internet, many businesses have discovered smaller retailers and wholesalers who can provide custom products that help them stand out from the crowd. In the hyper-competitive world of professional food service, finding that niche can be the difference between staying in business for the long term and closing your doors for good.

One of the most exciting new wholesalers online today is Pick On Us, Inc. They sell the best in:

  • All natural bamboo skewers
  • Custom printed toothpicks
  • Bamboo party picks
  • Attractive coffee and cocktail stirrers
  • Bamboo chopsticks

While Pick On Us, Inc is still considered to be a niche wholesaler, they are offering catering supplies, wholesale prices and incredible customer service, so don’t be surprised if they end up becoming an industry standard company sooner rather than later. All non-custom orders are shipped the same business day they are ordered.

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Great Prices on Flat Skewers

One of their best selling items is all natural bamboo flat skewers. Any chef or caterer can tell you how important presentation is when you serve your food. Having a wide selection of all natural bamboo skewers, including flat skewers, boat oar skewers, double prong skewers and more, can help add a theme to your presentation or simply add a touch of originality. There is only so much you can do to set your restaurant or catering business apart from the rampant competition, so why not grab the lead in the presentation department by shopping for all of your kitchen needs at the premiere catering supplies wholesale leader: Pick On Us, Inc. For those of you with a unique food presentation problem, we can help. We can customize most any pick or skewer to your project.

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