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Disposable Palm Leaf Bowls & Plates


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Price: Starting at $13.00
Just say NO to wasteful paper and plastic products! We are happy to announce that we now offer VerTerra servingware. These elegantly simple plates and bowls are made from fallen palm leaves and water. Affordable, lightweight yet durable, and totally compostable!
3.5" Disposable Palm Leaf Bowl:
25ct - $13.00 or 600ct - $226.00
4" Disposable Palm Leaf Deep Plate:
25ct -$13.00 or 600ct - $226.00

6" x 8" Disposable Palm Leaf Bowl:
25ct -$19.00 or 300ct - $175.00
6" Disposable Palm Leaf Square Plate:
25ct - $15.00 or 300ct - $152.00
6" x 6" Disposable Palm Leaf Bowl:
$150.00 per 300ct case
7" x 8.5" Disposable Palm Leaf Plate:
$178.00 per 300ct case
8" Disposable Palm Leaf Square Plate
25ct - $19.00 or 300ct - $168.00
8" Disposable Palm Leaf Deep Square Plate
25ct - $22.00 or 300ct - $195.00
9" Disposable Palm Leaf Square Plate:
25ct - $21.50 or 300ct - $195.00

Bamboo vs.VerTerra fallen leaf servingware: Bamboo dinnerware is sturdy, sophisticated and elegant. It is the right choice for outdoor weddings and upscale parties. VerTerra fallen leaf products have a rustic look and feel and are perfect around the BBQ, at luaus and at casual pool parties.

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