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TO-GO Lidded Boxes

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Lidded Box Sizes:
Price: Starting at $39.00
Upscale Lidded TO-GO Boxes are sophisticated, elegant and functional. The sides of the various box sizes are deep allowing for storage of large helpings. The tops lock on tongue and groove style.
VTTG-LB-3x4 - Lidded To-Go Box - Petite 3"x4"x2" - 25ct: $39.00
VTTG-LB-3x4.CS - 300ct: $387.92
VTTG-LB-6x8 - Lidded To-Go Box 6"x8"x2.5" - 25ct: $65.00
VTTG-LB-6x8.CS - 100ct: $210.50
VTTG-LB-7x9 - Lidded To-Go Box 7"x9"x2.75" - 25ct: $79.00
VTTG-LB-7x9.CS - 100ct: $263.12

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