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If you work as a professional in the food service industry, you know that the presentation of your food is just as important, if not more important, than how it tastes. You learn early on that people eat with their eyes just as much as they do with their mouths, so you don’t want to cut corners when it comes to how you present your creations to the general public. One incredibly affordable item you can add to your kitchen that can go a long way in making your presentations beautiful is bamboo skewers and toothpicks. All natural bamboo is completely renewable and environmentally friendly, and it is stunningly beautiful when added to any food presentation. Luckily, there is one catering supplies wholesale website you can turn to when you need the best in all natural bamboo toothpicks and cooking skewers. Pick on Us, Inc.

Bamboo Toothpicks Are Completely Renewable

Not only do bamboo toothpicks add a touch of class and style to any restaurant or catering service, but they can also help you brand your business with custom-made wrapping. When you put your logo on toothpick or chopstick tissue wrappings, you can help to further identify your business with the general public, and since most people grab multiple packets of toothpicks at a time, they will likely have your logo sitting around their car, kitchen, and home for days, weeks, or even months. With 8 or 10 toothpicks in each packet, your restaurant will stand out 8 to 10 times, whenever anyone uses the toothpick. Don’t miss this sterling advertising opportunity; contact Pick on Us, Inc today, the catering supplies wholesale leader.

Food Decorations Can Add Color

If you are a serious chef, you understand how subtle food decorations can make or break any presentation. A skewer here, a decorative toothpick there, and you can turn a simple platter into a work of art. Not all food decorations are created equal, however. You need a wholesaler that sells 100 percent bamboo products that are both environmentally friendly and beautiful, not to mention durable. The next time your business finds itself low on toothpicks, decorations, skewers and other essential kitchen items, look to Pick On Us, Inc for all of your needs.