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The Pick - Vol. 16 - Breast Cancer - Pink On Us


Issue 016

Breast Cancer – Pink On Us!

Q and


Pick On Us

Q: Pink On Us! That’s cute, and cool for Breast Cancer Awareness (BCA) month. Is Pick On Us getting involved?
A:Yes, we are supporting this cause because each of our teammates knows someone who is fighting or has fought breast cancer, and we want to help our clients connect with their guests while raising awareness during BCA this October.

Q: What ways can we connect with our guests?
A:Stick something PINK in it. Create a signature cocktail or appetizer using a pink skewer or pick and post a picture of it on social media. Then add it to your menu for the month of October.

Q: We can do that. What else can we do?
A: Share a breast cancer statistic with your guests and staff: Over 252,000 women in the US are diagnosed with breast cancer each year. That means that about every two minutes a women will be diagnosed with the disease. Over 40,000 women lose their life fighting breast cancer each year. ~ National Breast Cancer Foundation 2016

Q: Wow! Those are seriously sad statistics. Can you help us lighten things up?
A: Ok, we can tell you the good news is that - over 3.3 million breast cancer survivors are alive in the United States today. And we can help you put a smile on your guest's face with one of our custom-made picks that say “Fight On” or “Save The Ta-Tas”!

Q: Ha! Where can we find those?
A: On our website, and 10% of profits will go to the Susan G. Colman foundation which funds early detection and research for cancer treatment.

Q: Awesome! Are you doing anything else to spread awareness?

A: We are sending this email and….we did have an office party to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness. Everything pink of course. Cheers to BCA month from Pink On Us!

Pink On Us team raises a glass to BCA month 

Save the Ta Ta’s

Just a snippet of the pink team having some fun... 

Get your mammogram!

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