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Chef Q&A With One of Our Favorite Catering Companies, Toque Catering


We asked one of Canada's top caterers what they're seeing in 2018 & here's what they said: 

Chef Nicholas Waters and Chef Richard Teves are the chefs behind Toque Catering in Victoria BC and the recent nominees (3 times in 2 categories) for the 21st Annual Canadian Event Industry Awards in Toronto. These innovative chefs are blazing the trail of creative catering and were generous enough to share with our community, their thoughts on trends for the spring and summer of 2018.

They were also kind enough to share a few photos of their mouth watering canapés and Pick On Us products, which are sure to inspire us all!

What new and exciting trends are you seeing this year in wedding and events ?

We're noticing the past couple years that couples want their wedding to beautiful and their food to be fun! Adding cool picks and vessels to already fun food elevates it to a whole new level!

What's one thing your clients are asking for this year that they haven't asked for in the past? 

We have a lot of requests for food stations and late night food service! Mini Shakes and Fries, Gourmet Sliders you name it!

What colors and materials are going to be big this year?

Rose Gold everything? Copper seems to be in for 2018, 1920's parties too!

Will donut walls still be all the rage? If not, what's one thing you think EVERYONE will want? 

We have never done one but we see them everywhere still! We have a few ideas up our sleeve, you'll have to wait and see!

What's one way that you love to go above and beyond for your clients?

We love adding in special touches to the food the day of the event, a surprise element!

Chef Waters launched Toque on July 1st, 2013. He has said, “It’s important to me that I offer all of the extra touches [the clients] expect from me"

Executive Chef Teves developed a taste for culinary arts at a young age. He was made to create food for the mind, soul and palate.

Boat Oar Picks

Bamboo Mini Tasting Spatulas

Round Bamboo Skewers

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