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The Ultimate Checklist for Your Next Catering Event

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Preparing for your next catering event requires more than just creating a menu and purchasing food. Every caterer needs a kit of essential supplies for properly presenting foods to guests, while also keeping dishes safe to eat. These must-haves should be on your catering checklist:

Chafing Dishes

Having a variety of chafing dishes on hand is necessary. Choose various shapes, such as half rounds (to split one space for two smaller dishes) as well as standard rectangular, oval, and oblong dishes. By including various styles, you can present food in a more interesting and appealing manner while ensuring food is kept at the necessary temperature for safety. Divided dishes, along with lids and warmers are a necessary addition to these systems.


The dishes you serve foods on should help present the food in an interesting and attractive manner. Choose serve ware products that compliment specific dishes, but also add a layer of style to the presentation. For example, instead of traditional white plates for users, choose bamboo leaf plates or palm leaf bowls.

Picks and Skewers

Presenting bite-sized foods with  decorative picks and skewers is a must. Choose forks, tongs, and picks that are easy to use, but also large enough to provide ample stability to the foods you serve. Eco-friendly products are sure to please any of today's savvy consumers, too.

Display Stands

Tiered display stands are a great option for dessert buffets and other smaller foods. They add display space to an already packed table while also adding height and dimension. This, again, creates character and an appealing look to your tables and displays.

Ample Serving Utensils

There can never be too many utensils on hand for any sized event. When planning what  utensils will be necessary for your event, make sure to keep in mind both the needs of the dish as well as the needs of the guests. It is important to make sure utensils are made from lightweight and durable materials. When choosing utensils, try to designate them all of the same material, color, or style to ensure a cohesive theme is carried throughout the display. This creates a professional look.

Any of these components are necessary for a successful catering function. Ultimately, you will want to ensure that your food is safely prepared and easy to eat, but also properly presented to be visually appealing. Using the right dishes, serving trays, and even utensils can make an impact on the way your event's attendees view your catering service. Make sure to impress them from the tablecloth up.

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