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How to Throw an Eco Friendly Holiday Party

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The holidays are finally here, and now is the time you will likely be gathering together for a family celebration or party. Everything necessary to have a fun holiday gathering, however, can add up in terms of the environment. Now is a great time to consider making a few small changes at your holiday party that can go a long way. It is easy to throw an eco-friendly gathering with the right tools. Here are the best ways to throw an environmentally conscious holiday party.


There are now plenty of different green options to invite guests to your holiday party. Instead of traditional invitations, consider using recycled or seed paper for your invitations. You may also want to consider simply announcing your party via email.

Organic Plates

Palm Leaf Plates

Paper plates are not an efficient use of resources, so you may want to consider using fresh and sanitized palm leaf plates instead. These sturdy and reliable plates can help set the green tone for the party. They can also be added to you compost after.

Reusable Serveware

Although plastic cutlery and serve ware may be more convenient, these types of materials can be detrimental to the environment. For your holiday party, consider sticking to reusable serveware that you can wash and use for your next gathering. If you can't stand the thought of dishes after your party, consider disposable wooden flatware instead of plastic.

Choose Organic

When shopping for your party food, visit the local farmer’s market and purchase organic food items when possible. Organic food is ideal because it is grown using sustainable procedures it is also free from potentially harmful chemicals.

Put a Stick in it

Bamboo Skewers

Save on prepackaged appetizer and other food options and opt for beautiful and delicious skewer offerings instead. Bamboo skewers are an inexpensive, highly versatile, and eco-friendly tool, perfect for the food at any holiday event or gathering. Thread fruit, meat, vegetables or anything else you desire on a skewer and set it at the buffet or head table. You can also create beautiful, edible bouquets with the help of skewers.

Use Natural Decorations

There are plenty of options for creating beautiful, environmentally friendly holiday themed decorations for your party. For Halloween, consider using mini pumpkins for table decorations or to make a beautiful wreath. For Thanksgiving, consider using available materials such as pinecones, acorns, and different color leaves to make a centerpiece for the table. For Christmas, wreaths and centerpieces are great, plus holiday garland made from dried fruit, nuts, pinecones and other foliage.

There are plenty of easy ways to have an enjoyable and eco-friendly holiday. These parties and gatherings are a great place to encourage friends and family to be eco-friendly as well!

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