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Colorful Beaded Picks


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Price: Starting at $5.00
We offer Beaded Toothpicks in a variety of colors to match your party theme! Metallic gold and silver beads are also available.
3 1/2" - 100ct each for $5.00
Red            Green
White         Light Blue
Black Pick/Red Bead
4 3/4" - 100ct each for $6.00
Red               Green
White           Light Blue
Flag Blue       Light Pink 
Party Pink      Yellow
Violet             Black Pick w/Red Bead
Orange          Black
 Honeydew Green
Elegant Metallic Beads:
3 1/2" Gold Beaded: 100ct - $5.00
4 3/4" Gold Beaded: 100ct - $6.00
4 3/4" Silver Beaded: 100ct - $6.00
If you are ordering a quantity of 5,000 or more, click on the picture below for case discount pricing.
If you don't see the color you're looking for here, Pick On Us can customize any color Beaded Pick you desire.
Call us at  1-800-874-2587 or e-mail us at

- Please allow 8-10 weeks for color customization

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