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Bamboo Barbeque Skewers Add Class

Barbecue Skewers

It is no secret that the world of business is more competitive today than ever before, and if you are trying to make a living in the world of food service, you need every competitive advantage you can get. One area in which you can easily market your business is on the side of the environment. No matter where you do business today, putting a green ad campaign together is sure to help bring in the business. You can start your commitment to a greener business today by restocking all of your barbeque skewers, kabob skewers and steak markers with 100 percent all natural bamboo products.

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Natural Kabob Skewers Are Beautiful

The great thing about all natural bamboo products is that they are biodegradable, completely renewable and extremely beautiful, as well. When a perfectly cooked steak is served to your customers featuring a bamboo steak marker, you are simply adding the perfect, classy touch to your presentation. The same goes for skewers that can be used for everything from desert to kabobs and more. No other product has the look and durability of bamboo, not to mention the green credentials. Separate yourself from the competition today by integrating bamboo into your presentations. With 100 different shapes and sizes of party picks and skewers, master chef’s will always be able to find the perfect fit, to present cuisine as artistic as they are delicious.

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Bamboo Steak Markers For Less

For years, restaurants and caterers everywhere have been using ugly, plastic steak markers instead of all natural bamboo ones. Not only are plastic steak markers going to be clogging up landfills for the next few centuries, they hamper the perfect presentation you’ve worked so hard to create. Metal kabob skewers are not disposable and have to be washed and cleaned.

The fact is that bamboo skewers are very durable and hold up well under the intense heat of a barbeque grill. Top chefs from around the world recommend soaking your bamboo skewers for ½ to 2 hours before putting the grill and they will not char or burn, like wood skewers. They are more durable than other kinds, but the truth is that quality kabob skewers can stand up to any punishment. When you need the best in price and customer service for your next skewer and marker order, trust Pick On Us, Inc.

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