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15 Types of All-Natural Bamboo Picks, Stirs & Skewers
Round                Square               Tapered
Grooved             Paddle                Black Willow
Flat                   Boat Oar            Knotted
Tulip                  Forked               Double Pronged
Block                 Beaded               Ball
We love to personalize our products for you.  Our toothpick packets are an elegant way to thank your guests and a unique way to advertise your company.  We can also customize color, size, point, shape, printing, branding or foil stamping. 
All stock items are shipped the same day!
Create a Nautical, Vegas roulette, Hawaiian Luau, or BBQ theme, or match colors with your logo, shower, wedding, special celebration or new outfit! Our Picks are perfect for your party!
We offer "Fashion For Your Food."
Presentation is Everything!
*We are NSF Certified by Cook & Thurber - Audit #:359180-240168*